Int'l Championships - Las Hadas Resort, Manzanillo


Linda is no stranger to competition or to sports. Prior to getting involved in the exciting sport of Long Drive she was an all around athlete who participated and excelled in many team and individual sports such as cross country running, basketball, track and field, and mixed martial arts. She has been a competitive athlete for over 30 years.

Most recently Linda has worked as a Conditioning Instructor, and Female Self Defense instructor. She brings to the ILDC her competitive spirit, her administrative skills and knowledge of small business operations as well as her love of photography (she'll be photographing the long drive athletes every opportunity she gets).

Linda is a member of VIEWS; a program developed by the Canadian Association for the Advancement ofWomen and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS). It was created in order to encourage female athletes,coaches etc. to become more involved in spreading the word about the positive aspects of girls andwomen being involved in sport and physical activity.

Long Drive in Canada needs more female representation and Linda’s goal in joining the ILDC is toeducate and foster enthusiasm and passion for the sport amongst other female athletes in her homecountry, while at the same time assisting Rick and Bill with planning and operations to ensure the ILDCbecomes (which she knows it will), an overwhelming success.

“Any athlete with a competitive drive and spirit must try this sport! I highly believe in visualizationand mind setting and this sport is second to none for pressure under fire. We at the ILDC are going to showit and promote it!”

International Long Drive Challenge

Toronto, ON Canada

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