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Canadian Long Driver Rules

Hello Canadian Long Drivers:

Bill and I have had several questions concerning the Canadian selection process for Team Canada in Mazatlan, Mexico. So due to the increased interest in our 2014 program we thought it was necessary to make this post so that it is very clear to everyone who is thinking of participating in this years process.


1. Team Canada members who compete in Mazatlan Mexico will be selected by the Directors of the ILDC at the Canadian National Championship.

2. In order for a hitter to be considered for Team Canada they must attend a local qualifier and compete in the Canadian National Championship. Failure to qualify and compete at the Nationals will eliminate the hitter from the selection process.

3. The top 3 open hitters, top female and top senior at the Canadian Nationals will represent Team Canada #1 in Mazatlan Mexico and the ILDC will pay their Flights and accommodations. Each hitter from Team Canada #1 will still be responsible for paying their own entry fee of $450.00US CASH in Mexico. This will collected by a staff member of the ILDC at the time of the hitters registration at the hotel.

4. The members of the 2013 Canadian Teams are exempt from qualifying in the 2014 season only but are still required to compete in the 2014 Canadian Nationals.

5. Hitters that finished in the top 3 open hitters, top female and top senior in the 2013 Canadian Nationals process and were unable to attend the 2013 Internationals are also exempt from qualifying but must compete in the 2014 Canadian National Championship.

7. All competitors exempt from qualifying or not, WILL pay the $200.00 entry fee.

8. Due to the unfortunate fact that we are not running qualifiers in the East or West coasts this year we are allowing 4 open hitters, 2 females and 2 seniors on a first come first serve basis to go directly to the Canadian National Championship.

9. No one in Canada can enter as a Team or as an Individual in the 2014 International World Team Championship unless they follow the above process.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email us at, and we will be happy to get back to you ASAP.


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