Rules and Regulations

Here are the Rules & Regulations as per our shows and events:

1. Each hitter has 3 minutes to hit 6 balls

2. 2 Hitters in T-Box a total of 6 minutes max.

3. Ball must come to its final resting point inside the grid and unassisted

4. Measurements are taken from the furthest point of the ball

5. Grid is 420 yards long by 45 yards wide

6. Each hitter will hit the provided marked and approved ILDC Golf Ball

7. Clubs must not exceed 50" in length and will be measured in the upright position

8. Clubs must conform to USGA rules

9. Any ties will be ruled upon by the International Long Drive Challenge Board

2012 ILDC & Golf Digest Qualifying Tour Rules:

10. The top two open hitters from each of the 14 qualifying events will advance to the Canadian National Championships and the selection process for Team Canada.

11. The top Senior and the top female from each of the 14 qualifying events will advance to the Canadian National Championships and the selection process for Team Canada.

12. The ILDC & Golf Digest money event will strictly be for prize money and is open to all long drive hitters Internationally. Therefore, none of the hitters from this event will get a spot at the Canadian Nationals.

13. Team Canada will be selected at the Canadian National Championships at Stark's Golf Course, September, 01st and 02nd 2012. The top 3 open hitters, top senior, and top female in each of their respective brackets will represent Team Canada in the ILDC Team Championships in Mazatlan Mexico.

14. The ILDC "Banned Substance" rules will be in effect for all qualifying tour events, the Canadian National Championships, the " Money event", and the ILDC World Team Championships. Each competitor understands that random drug testing may be done at anytime

Banned Substances

1- Testosterone & Metabolite/Androstendiol/androstendione

Bolasterone metabolite

Boldenone/boldione/ Quinbolone Metabolite

Calusterone Metabolite


Clostebol Metabolite


Danazol/ Ethisterone & Metabolite

Dehydrochloromethyltesterone (DHCMT) Metabolite

Dihydrotesterone & Drostandiol & Metabolite

Desoxymethyltestosterone Metabolite

Drostanolone & Metabolite

Esta -4-9-dien-3, 17-dione Metabolite


Formebolone Metabolite


4- hydroxytesterone Metabolite

6a - Methylandrostendiane Metabolite

Mestanolone Metabolite

Mesterolone or Metabolite

Methandrostenolone (Methandienone, Dianabol) Metabolite

Methandiol & Metabolite

Methasterone Metabolite

Methenolone & Metabolite

Methylnortestosterone Metabolite

Methyltestosterone Metabolite

Methyl-1-testosterone 7 Metabolite

Mibolerone & Metabolite

Nandolone/ 19-Norandrostendione/ 19- Norandrostendiol metabolite

Norclostebol Metabolite

Norethandrolone/ Ethylestrenol Metabolite


Oxabolone Metabolite

Oxandrolone & Metabolite


Oxymetholone Metyabolite


Prostanozol Metabolite

Stanozolol Metabolite

Stenbolone & Metabolite

Testolactone Metabolite

Testosterone/ Androstendione/ Androstendiol/ DHEA (T/E Ratio>6)

Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG)

Trenbolone Metabolite



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